Learn how Aperture Education provides social and emotional skill development for children in elementary, middle, and high school, both in- and out-of-school.

Elementary Schools

Evo Social/Emotional (Evo SEL) can be used in an elementary school setting to support students in classroom, small group, and individual settings. Teachers, school counselors, school psychologists and administrators can use the DESSA and DESSA-mini to steer their SEL implementation. Our Growth Strategies and Foundational Practices can help develop strong social and emotional skills in students, in turn benefiting many other aspects of their educational experience.

Middle Schools

During this transitional time in a child’s life, social and emotional skill development is more important than ever. Teachers, support staff, and administration can use the tools provided through Evo SEL to promote a safe and supportive learning environment and help students make the transition into and out of middle school.

High Schools

Help make a difference! Aperture Education is in the final stages of development for our newest social and emotional learning assessment, the DESSA-High School Edition. Individual teachers and parents can rate students as a single-rater, as well as entire schools or programs. Want to learn more?

Single-Rater Information

Program-Wide Information

Out-of-School Time

Out-of-school time organizations have specific needs and funding requirements. Evo SEL can provide an excellent resource to help decision-makers understand how well their initiatives are working. Our easy-to-use reporting provides real-time data that can inform future decisions and help students develop social and emotional skills outside of school hours.

District Administrators

District and Program administrators have the unique opportunity to provide insight to schools and individual programs regarding social and emotional learning programs. From providing guidance for implementation, to helping train teachers and service providers, having the right tools and support can be invaluable for districts and programs looking to provide the students they serve with high-quality SEL instruction.

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