Measure the effectiveness of your SEL program with the robust reporting features of Evo SEL. Generate reports with a large or narrow scope, encompassing individual students, classes, sites, programs, or districts. Speedy reporting features eliminate guesswork Evo SEL’s data analysis gives you important insights—quickly.

Student Reports

Generate reports on each of your students using the social and emotional assessment tools of the DESSA-mini or DESSA. The Evo SEL Assessment and Intervention System includes individual progress monitoring and pre-intervention/post-intervention comparison reporting. You’ll draw accurate conclusions about your student’s growth after SEL intervention.

Classroom reports

Evaluate the social and emotional strengths and needs of your class as a whole through a group report. Or view the status of select students at one time through a combined student report.

Site Reports

View the social and emotional strengths and needs of students across grades through site reporting. Our software helps administrators make important decisions based on the results of Evo SEL’s social and emotional assessment tools. Evaluate an SEL program using key information that informs the long-term objectives for your entire program or school.

Program Data Exports

Export student data into a downloadable spreadsheet with the option to filter results based on specific assessments from selected time periods. With this data, the ability to conduct advanced analytics or provide key inputs for other educational systems is user friendly and informative.

Custom Reporting

Evo SEL provides several reporting features to support students, classrooms, and educational sites. For more information on our basic report, download a sample completed report here.

Download Sample Report

Although our standard reports are an excellent baseline, sometimes schools need reporting features tailored for their specific needs. For situations like these, Aperture Education can provide customized reporting. Contact us for more information about customized reporting.