Growth Strategies

Put your assessment findings into action with our social and emotional learning Growth Strategies, included in the system. Evo SEL from Aperture Education gives you instant access to targeted Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) growth strategies, lesson plans, and curricula samples from the leading providers. These strategies span different instructional settings and grade levels. With the Evo SEL system, you’ll do more than pinpoint your students’ social and emotional needs. You’ll address those challenges immediately.

Growth Strategies provide practical, actionable ways for you to help your students improve their social and emotional skills. Fill out our form below for instant access to a free Growth Strategy.

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Find the Right Resources at the Right Time

Evo SEL narrows the gap between assessment and action. Growth Strategies are available for each of the eight core competencies that the DESSA assessment measures. From lessons on cultivating self-management to activities for strengthening decision making, you’ll find the right resources at the right time.

Explore Research Guides

Evo SEL includes a Strategies Guide that explains the scholarly influences behind many of the DESSA’s eight social-emotional competencies. Use this resource to broaden your understanding of SEL and build a solid foundation for your Intervention Strategies.

Intro to the DESSA

Enhance your core understanding with this handy guide that offers the basics of the science and behind-the-scenes data, included in Evo SEL.

Competency Guides

Broaden your knowledge of SEL with these great guides that explain the scholarly influences behind the eight competencies, also included in Evo SEL.

Receive Multilayered Support

Social and emotional strategies are available for primary, secondary, and middle grade levels with the option to administer them universally, in small groups, individually, or at home. Each competency also includes a Teacher Reflection section that arms instructors with thought-provoking activities that will strengthen their own social-emotional skills along with their students’.

Includes Access to Select Lessons from Leading SEL Programs

Benefit from the variety of curricula samples included in Evo SEL, and find the best program fit for you and your students. Resources from Caring School Community, Inner Resilience, Open Circle, Second Step, the 4Rs and more, are offered as part of the system. Immediately impact your students using these resources.

The Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility

This organization helps educators and teachers across the country with social-emotional learning.

The Inner Resilience Program

This organization focuses its efforts on helping teachers, parents, and students build resilience that decreases social-emotional challenges.

Center for the Collaborative Classroom

This organization supports teacher and students and is dedicated to helping children become critical thinkers.

Open Circle

This organization provides an SEL program for elementary students, teachers, and educational staff.

Committee for Children

This organization provides a user-friendly SEL curriculum, Second Step.

Devereux Center for Resilient Children

This organization is the creator of the DESSA. It focuses on preventing social-emotional challenges in children.

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Access one of the many social and emotional Growth Strategies automatically included in Evo SEL’s online system.

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