Caring Counts: Ways to Build Stronger, More Supportive Relationships with Students

Unfortunately, many students feel their teachers do not care about them. Research shows that healthy relationships between teachers and students are critical to creating effective learning environments. When students feel they can trust their teachers and are supported by them, students are much more likely to engage, succeed, and demonstrate positive behavior in school.

Keep reading for tips on how to improve connections between your students as part of your social emotional learning framework to drive student success.

Teachers do so much more than simply deliver curriculum. Great educators take an active role in connecting with their students and are committed to their success within the classroom and beyond. Part of this is accomplished is through developing students’ social and emotional skills, such as relationship skills. Dealing with disruptive or uncooperative students can certainly be challenging, but strong teacher/student relationships can have a deep impact on students’ academics, behavior, and likelihood to graduate and engage in school.

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