2022 Back-to-School Guide

Now is the time to put relationships first! The past few years have been tough, and many have felt isolated and disconnected from others. SEL will play an important role in supporting educators and students this year, particularly in helping rebuild relationships and connections. Schools and districts can increase motivation, engagement, and student achievement by helping educators, students, and families reconnect and build strong relationships with one another.

Each fall we release our Back-to-School Guide, which is packed with helpful SEL information, lessons, and activities. As you flip through this guide, use the Benefits of Building Strong Relationships articles to learn why relationships are so important and how they improve teacher and student outcomes. Use the articles in the Tips, Strategies, and Activities for Building Relationships section to build social and emotional skills:
• with students
• with educators
• throughout the school
• with families

Relationships are more important than ever. As we head into a new school year focused on learning recovery and hopefully returning to a sense of normal, school and district leaders, teachers and other educators, and families must work together to ensure student success. We hope you find our Back-to-School Guide helpful during the first weeks of school to cultivate relationships with your students, encourage students to build connections with their peers, and to establish a routine that will carry you throughout the school year.

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