Social and emotional learning (SEL) and Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) go hand in hand. Developing social-emotional skills in youth has shown to be effective at improving academic outcomes for all students – from the valedictorian to the student most at-risk of dropping out.

There are many ways SEL can support your school’s MTSS framework. We’ve created a number of resources to help you get started.

SEL MTSS Infographic

Get a basic overview of how to implement SEL within your tiered interventions. Learn how to strengthen your MTSS by 1) using SEL data to identify students who need improvement and 2) teaching students critical SEL skills to help them succeed.

Dive deeper into how SEL curriculum and strategies can be integrated within each support tier. Get insight into how to tailor SEL instruction according to students’ needs and the role SEL data plays in guiding your interventions.

How to implement an SEL program within MTSS

Hear first-hand how Port Washington-Saukville School District (WI) integrated SEL into their MTSS framework. A panel of the district’s educators share how they launched the program, what adjustments and improvements they made along the way, and how SEL has contributed to improved student outcomes.

Each and every student can benefit from SEL, and there are many ways to integrate this critical instruction within your MTSS. SEL can support the needs of students within each tier level of your MTSS. Try incorporating the tips and strategies outlined above to support the social-emotional needs of your students and ensure their academic success. Contact our experts at Aperture Education to learn more.