The pandemic has limited many of the “typical” ways educators expand their teaching knowledge, collaborate with their peers, and grow professionally. But, the good news is that high-quality virtual professional learning can be an effective way to keep current on professional learning.

We’ve put together a list our most popular webinars (live and on-demand) to help you stay up-to-speed on social and emotional learning (SEL) research, implementation strategies, and best practices.

Grab some coffee or lunch and tune in!

  1. {Upcoming Live Webinar} Promoting Educational Equity Through SEL Assessment

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 | 3pm EST

Register to learn about the essential role that high-quality assessment plays in supporting equity efforts. Plus learn how to identify key characteristics of assessments that promote equity.

  1. {On-Demand Webinar} How, Not “If”: Promoting Social-Emotional Learning and Character Development in Young Children is a Necessity

Character just does not just “happen.” It is taught and learned, and it starts early in life. Watch this on-demand to hear Dr. Maurice Elias, Professor of Psychology at Rutgers University and Director of the Rutgers Social-Emotional and Character Development Lab, share why SEL skills are essential for character development and how to teach SEL and character development in the classroom and at home.

  1. {On-Demand Webinar} How to Launch SEL at Your School

In this webinar, SEL expert Cheryl Harmer, Ed.D., provides an overview of the research behind SEL and shares specific, actionable steps to implement a successful SEL program in your school or district.

  1. {On-Demand Webinar} Promoting Positive School Climate: A Social-Emotional & Character Development Approach

In the midst of a global pandemic and social unrest, creating a positive school climate is more important than ever. Get tips and advice from education expert and researcher Danielle Hatchimonji from Rutgers University on how to foster a positive school climate with SEL.

  1. {On-Demand Webinar} Advancing Equity with the DESSA: Practical Applications to a Crucial Issue

Aperture Education’s Vice President of Research & Development, Paul LeBuffe, explores how schools and districts can advance educational equity through specific, practical tools and strategies embedded in the DESSA, Aperture’s award-winning system for large-scale SEL screening, assessment, and intervention.

Even if you can’t meet and collaborate at in-person conferences and events right now, there are many ways to continue learning and honing your skills through virtual methods like these SEL webinar. So put on your comfy pants, and enjoy them!

Interested in learning more about Aperture Education and the DESSA? Contact our SEL experts and let’s talk.