Aperture Education and COMET Make It Easy to Collect and Use SEL Data to Improve Student Outcomes

Aperture Education is excited about a new partnership with COMET that supports our social and emotional learning (SEL) data collection and data-driven decision-making for educators! COMET helps schools with data management and using data for continuous improvement. Together, we are helping schools and out-of-school organizations streamline SEL data collection and take action on the data to improve student achievement.

SEL data can be a powerful tool to support student learning. SEL assessments provide insight into why a student is struggling — information that traditional measures alone, such as attendance and behavior incident reports, don’t provide.

But many schools struggle with how to effectively collect and use data, specifically:

  • how to synthesize data to make sense of what the data is telling them
  • how to take action on data to improve student outcomes
  • how to collect and use data to measure student progress and evaluate programs

Aperture Education has been helping schools collect and utilize SEL data since 2009. We provide a suite of strength-based assessments, a universal screener that can be administered in less than a minute (the DESSA-mini), and robust data reporting. Aperture Education provides professional development, growth strategies, and foundational practices to strengthen social-emotional competence.

Our tools help educators measure and understand students’ needs so they can tailor interventions accordingly. Additionally, our school- and class-level SEL data and reporting help educators identify group trends, which can guide instruction by focusing on areas that need improvement.

Click here to learn more about our partnership with COMET. Together, we are committed to helping you create a comprehensive plan to measure students’ social-emotional skills and to understand how to use that data to improve instruction and student achievement.

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