Aperture Education visits Clayton Youth Enrichment Services

What a way to kick off the New Year with the training team at Aperture Education!

Tatiana Carter (Prestige Achievement) and I recently supported a select group of afterschool educators and site leads in establishing a foundation for social and emotional learning. They say “Everything is bigger in Texas,” and the vision Clayton Youth Enrichment Services has certainly doesn’t shy from that! They are preparing to take on a new initiative with almost 1,000 students in the Fort Worth area.
During our onsite training, we were able to delve into social emotional competencies and increase the understanding of the role educators play in preparing children for life-long success.

Processing and applying new material, while simultaneously working with children, is always positively impacting when we, as educators, reflect on our role as teachers and how we align with SEL skills. It was eye-awakening to join these educators as they assessed themselves and their understanding of SEL through a variety of activities.

A memorable moment for me was when one of the program designers voiced the significance of each individual making every moment count with these children. I believe that we must catch those teachable opportunities to promote social emotional learning throughout our interactions and not just a set time in the schedule. Hearing an out-of-school provider passionately voice that same vision is what keeps me striving to collaborate at every training event.
It has been a wonderful process walking with this group to the point of launching the new program and curriculum. The entire Aperture Education team is excited to be involved as Clayton YES brings the whole child into focus with their work in meeting the SEL needs of children in Hurst, TX.

Now… which state will welcome us next?

Tatiana Carter and Lisa-Anne Williams are highly qualified trainers experienced with coordinating, supporting, and designing training for the past 7+ years including MTSS, Classroom Management, Special Education Interventions & Support, and Bullying Prevention & Intervention. Clayton YES purchased what we call our “SIP” or Scalable Implementation Program. It is designed to provide the perfect start for any program, whether in school or out of school. If you are interested in starting a Social Emotional Learning program and need a little extra help, the SIP is perfect for you. Contact sales@ApertureEd.com for more details.

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