Winter SEL Challenge: 9 SEL Activities to Build Students’ Skills This Winter

Winter is the time for hot chocolate, cozy sweaters, and building social-emotional skills!

Join our Winter SEL Challenge by having students complete nine SEL activities. These activities will help students develop competence in: relationship-building, goal-setting, responsible decision-making, self-awareness, social-awareness, and self-management.

Here’s how the challenge works: 

1. Have students complete these nine SEL activities (also available in Spanish). For students in grades K–8, the activities should be completed in class during the winter months. Students in grades 9–12 can complete the challenge in class or at home during winter break.

In class (grades K–12): Print and share the challenge with your students. Have them work on each activity in small groups.

At home (grades 9–12): Email the challenge to families, or print and send home a copy with your students.

2. Have students mark off which activities they complete. Then, ask students to share what they learned as they completed the SEL activities. As a class, review the importance of SEL and discuss how students increased their social-emotional competence through the challenge.

The challenge can be used as a conversation starter for class discussion, but you could also turn it into a project, asking students to create a video, write an essay, draw a cartoon, or design a poster about their experiences.

3. Celebrate success! Award students with extra credit points, a class party, or inexpensive prizes for working through some (or all) of the challenge activities.

Download the Winter SEL Challenge:

We hope you and your students have fun with the challenge this winter. Now ready, set, GO! 

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