{Case Study} SEL in Windsor Public Schools

Windsor Public Schools, Connecticut, has a thriving SEL program. The Urban Assembly and Aperture Education support the district with the implementation, integration, evaluation, and capacity building of their SEL program. 

This video shows high-quality SEL in action in Windsor Public Schools. Click on the links below to watch highlights from the full video and learn more about individual aspects of the district’s impressive SEL program. 

SEL in Windsor High School

Students at Windsor High School learn SEL in workshops that teach about the five social and emotional domains. The program is strengths-based and gives students context to understand learning in academic subjects. Watch high school students speak about SEL and how it has helped them succeed. 

SEL in Sage Park Middle School

In Sage Park Middle School, all staff—from the principal to math and art teachers—teach SEL. Watch how educators integrate SEL into their daily instruction and hear from students about how they celebrated SEL Day this year.

How the DESSA Supports SEL Implementation Throughout the District

Windsor Public Schools uses the DESSA to measure students’ social and emotional skills. This data helps educators work together collaboratively to identify students’ needs and provide additional instruction to students in need. Watch to learn more about how the DESSA SEL data is used in Windsor Public Schools to support program implementation and student achievement. 

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