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23 07, 2020

10 Tips to Help Educators Manage Stress During Difficult Times

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Educators, we know you have a lot on your plates right now. Besides the normal preparation required for back to school, you  are most likely planning for at least some online and distance learning, cancelled school events, and disruptions to your personal lives. We know these are just a few of the big challenges you [...]

28 05, 2020

6 SEL Webinars for Summer Professional Learning

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With the official school year winding down, now is a great time to start planning your summer professional learning. Webinars can be an invaluable way to enhance your professional practices — and you can watch them anytime, anywhere it’s convenient for you!Check out these six engaging webinars to hear from social and emotional learning (SEL) [...]

23 04, 2020

SEL for Educators: 10 Activities to De-Stress

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Educators, we know you have a lot on your plates right now. Online and distance learning, canceled school events, and disruptions to your personal lives are just a few of the big challenges you are facing.Now, more than ever, we need to find ways to effectively manage our stress. If it gets out of control, [...]

24 03, 2020

Strategies to Support Social-Emotional Wellness During Uncertain Times

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Strategies to Support Social-Emotional Wellness During Uncertain Times School closures and other measures taken over the last few weeks are greatly impacting students, their parents and caregivers, and educators. It can feel overwhelming, but we are resilient. Social and emotional learning (SEL) can help us navigate and overcome the stress, anxiety, and disruption to [...]

21 11, 2019

3 Reasons to Provide SEL for Educators Right Now

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Educators understand that students need social and emotional learning (SEL) to give them the skills to thrive in school and in life. But educators need SEL, too! When educators have strong social-emotional skills, they are: better prepared to teach SEL to students able to model social and emotional skills authentically in the moment better [...]

5 09, 2019

SEL for Educators: Strengthen Your SEL Teaching Practices with EdSERT

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Educators, like students, benefit from enhanced social and emotional skills. We expect educators to teach these important skills to students, but not all feel prepared to successfully deliver SEL programming. All educators can benefit from increasing their understanding of social and emotional learning (SEL) as well as their own social and emotional competence. Strong [...]

14 06, 2018

7 Videos to Help Educators Practice Mindfulness and De-Stress

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We’ve all had that moment: A student is being particularly challenging or stress from the job is reaching a boiling point. For many, the natural reaction is to get angry and want to scream and shout. Education can be an extremely stressful and challenging field to work in. This, coupled with low pay, harsh scrutiny, [...]

21 12, 2017

4 Tips to Recharge This Winter Break

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Homework for Educators: Recharge Over Winter Break to Avoid Burnout For educators, it’s almost second nature to make sacrifices for students. Every year, you make a physical and emotional investment to support your school and students and ensure they succeed. Yet, without a healthy work-life balance, many educators experience high levels of stress, which may [...]