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11 06, 2020

The Importance of Tier I SEL Screening and Supports

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The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on why social and emotional learning (SEL) is so important. It provides students with safety and security. It helps students work through stress, uncertainty, trauma, and fear. It gives students an outlet to talk through problems and issues going on in their lives. And it fosters strong teacher-student [...]

5 06, 2020

“Evidence-Based” vs. “Research-Based”: Understanding the Differences

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Often, when reviewing resources, programs, or assessments, we might come across terms like “evidence-based” or “research-based.” These terms each tell us something about the resources that they describe and the evidence supporting them. Understanding each term’s meaning can help us make informed decisions when selecting and implementing resources.So what do these terms mean, exactly? Typically, [...]

16 01, 2020

How to Support Spanish-speaking Students with SEL Assessment Data

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When it comes to supporting Spanish-speaking students and English-language learners (ELLs), which is more important: academic supports, or social and emotional learning (SEL)? Research shows that improving the social-emotional well-being of language learners may be just as important as academic instructional supports.SEL can help address many key concerns that may be impacting ELL students’ ability [...]

26 12, 2019

Using SEL Assessments for Continuous Improvement: Part 1 – How to Effectively Use SEL Data

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(*Coming soon: Using SEL Assessments for Continuous Improvement: Part 2 – How to Improve Your SEL Implementation) Thinking back to my very first year of teaching, there was a lot I didn’t know, but I always strove to improve. I developed techniques to keep the students on-task and learning. I brainstormed with colleagues on how [...]

28 11, 2019

Aperture Education and COMET Make It Easy to Collect and Use SEL Data to Improve Student Outcomes

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Aperture Education is excited about a new partnership with COMET that supports our social and emotional learning (SEL) data collection and data-driven decision-making for educators! COMET helps schools with data management and using data for continuous improvement. Together, we are helping schools and out-of-school organizations streamline SEL data collection and take action on the data [...]

1 08, 2019

Take Action! Use SEL Assessment Data to Tailor Interventions

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We all know the saying: What’s assessed gets addressed. Social and emotional learning (SEL) assessments are important because they provide insight into why a student is struggling — information that traditional measures alone, such as attendance and behavior incident reports, don’t provide. But data alone doesn’t automatically create improvement. Take action on your SEL [...]

4 04, 2019

Make the Most of Your Second Step Program with the DESSA-SSE

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When investing in any social and emotional learning (SEL) program, educators need to be sure they are implementing a program that will drive results. Quality data is an important part of this process. With data, educators can make informed program decisions, adjust instruction to meet the needs of students, and measure program outcomes.Did you know [...]

20 12, 2018

8 Tips to Get Started with SEL Right Now

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Launch an SEL Program in 8 Steps (And Start Today!) A national survey shows that principals understand the importance of teaching social and emotional skills to youth, and for good reason. Social and emotional learning (SEL) helps students get ready to learn and increases student achievement through better grades, fewer behavior incidents, and higher graduation [...]