The Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA), a social and emotional assessment, is a standardized, norm-referenced, strength-based measure of the social and emotional competencies of children in kindergarten through eighth grade. It encourages the collaboration of both parents and educators alike and demonstrates versatility in its administration; the DESSA can be completed by parents/guardians, teachers, out-of-school-time program staff, and staff at other child-serving agencies.

Chapter 1: About the Devereux Student Strengths Assessments (DESSA)

An introduction exploring features of the DESSA and the DESSA-mini.

Chapter 2: Research & Standardization

Learn how academic research crafted the DESSA and national standardization stabilized its accuracy.

Chapter 3: Evidence Base for the DESSA

Learn how reliability and validity were proven via rigorous research, testing and documentation.

Chapter 4: Recognition & Awards

See the awards and accolades following years of research and development.