Critical Insights. Easy Integration.

Satisfy district stakeholders for your SEL program with Aperture’s Evo Social/Emotional Assessment and Intervention System. Our cloud-based system provides critical insights into your students’ social and emotional competencies that serve as a measure of effectiveness to your existing SEL curricula. You’ll see how easy monitoring social and emotional learning is with Evo SEL.

If you don’t have curricula, Evo SEL also provides Intervention Strategies to bolster skills. Evo SEL integrates well with MTSS and allows superintendents to craft and track their district’s strategy. As an added benefit, use Evo SEL’s assessment and progress monitoring features to meet the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Consolidate Your Efforts. Inform Your Strategic Plans.


Create a common language and measure the effectiveness of a variety of programs focused on social and emotional learning such as PBIS, MTSS, School Climate, and character-building. If you’re a superintendent, our assessments and progress monitors will inform your strategic plans for the upcoming year. These features will also help you comply with the recently passed Every Student Succeeds Act.

Let Evo SEL consolidate and integrate your efforts for monitoring social and emotional learning. Our cloud-based system lets you manage an SEL program and access data across different geographic locations with a single sign-on.

Proactive Approach. Inclusive Factors.


Support your student intervention initiatives with Evo SEL. Whether you’re a director of student services or a lead school psychologist, you’ll find that this assessment and intervention system complements your efforts.

Evo SEL is both proactive and transformative. Our universal screening is ideal for identifying at-risk students and preventing behavioral difficulties, while targeted interventions help you support students with social and emotional needs.

The majority of states have adopted practices that align with Multi-Tiered Support Systems (MTSS). In addition to its inclusion of social and emotional factors, MTSS has some defining characters that align with Evo SEL’s goals. These are an emphasis on data collection, assessment, and evidence-based practices.

Our assessment and intervention system fulfills multiple MTSS requirements. Universal screeners and assessments provide data that help you decide which students belong in what tier. And Evo SEL’s Intervention Strategies help you incorporate evidence-based curricula into your instruction. Evo SEL will help you meet MTSS objectives.

Critical Skills for School Success

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