An Effective Solution for All Stakeholders

Aperture Education’s DESSA Comprehensive SEL System offers elementary and middle schools an effective solution for all stakeholders—from students to school principals. The DESSA System provides a way to support the social and emotional curriculum of your elementary school or the social and emotional learning curriculum in your middle school.

Screen and assess K-12 students with nationally normed behavior rating scales and create a common language that unites parents and teachers while increasing students’ social and emotional competencies.

The DESSA System strengthens the social and emotional skills of students while helping educators overcome their challenges of time constraints and a heavy workload.

Actionable Data. Strategic Goals.

As the principal of your school, you understand how detrimental it can be when your students’ social and emotional needs go unrecognized and unaddressed. Your students may experience behavioral problems that negatively impact academic performance and create long-term costs for your school.

Aperture Education’s DESSA Comprehensive SEL System helps you address these problems through universal screening, assessment, intervention strategies, and more. Help your students cultivate resilience and learn prosocial behaviors with the DESSA System. If you’re looking for a tool to help your staff, then the DESSA System is for you.

Cultivate Resilience. Support Your Staff.

Social and emotional skills are vital to helping your students overcome academic challenges. As a counselor, school psychologist, or intervention strategist, you need something more than records on your students’ SEL competencies. Your staff members need feedback they can easily implement to inform and guide their efforts to help students develop social and emotional skills.

The DESSA Comprehensive SEL System provides an RTI tool for social and emotional competence with the DESSA and DESSA-mini. When students do need a helping hand, the DESSA System gives you actionable data and interventions for both enrichment and classroom instruction time.

Build a Solid Foundation. Promote Student Success.

As a teacher, your goals are just as varied as your responsibilities. You want to promote your students’ well-being, ensure they graduate, and help them excel in life and at school. Social and emotional skills give your students a solid foundation for life success.

When you need a system for the social and emotional learning curriculum in your middle school or elementary school, the DESSA Comprehensive SEL System helps you holistically address the SEL competencies each child in your class.

Imagine a classroom where your students engage in quality interactions, set common goals, and work together. Use the DESSA System to achieve this goal by helping your students become well-rounded individuals. Our easy assessments and targeted intervention strategies can help to maximize your instruction time.

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