Competence Builds Confidence— Support Your Teachers with Educator Social and Emotional Reflection and Training (EdSERT)

Supporting the social and emotional knowledge, skill set, and well-being of your K-12 educators and staff is vital for them and for their students. EdSERT from Aperture Education provides districts and afterschool programs with professional development tools, self-reflective assessment, personal development plans, self-directed strategies, and teaching practices.

EdSERT by Aperture Education Includes:

Learning Modules

8 learning modules based upon CASELTM and DESSA competencies


Each module contains short, reflective social and emotional surveys to provide educators with an understanding of their own strengths

Educator results are confidential to
encourage candid responses

SEL Strategies

Strategies to strengthen personal social and emotional development and teaching practices for the classroom

Keep Growing

Aperture Education serves entire districts with practical and consistent SEL solutions for K-8, 9-12, educators and staff.
Drive transformation at every level of your district, school, or out-of-school-time program.

The Aperture 8

Aperture Education products are centered around the Aperture 8, CASEL™- aligned social and emotional competencies to guide students and educators in their social and emotional skill development.

Aperture Education Testimonials

We are honored to work with districts, schools, and out-of-school-time programs around the world who show a commitment to SEL by partnering with Aperture Education to create social and emotional transformations for the educators and youth they serve.

The Educator Social-Emotional Reflection and Training (EdSERT) program provides a common knowledge for the leaders and teachers in our school district. Together, we are building our competence through a time of learning, self-reflection, and application.

Greene County Schools
Greene County, North Carolina

Ready to build a strength-based SEL program designed around research-based standards and reliable data?