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SEL Vision Summit

Last year, hundreds of social and emotional learning (SEL) practitioners came together for our first-ever SEL Vision Summit. We look forward to bringing the best in the field back to our conference this fall as we continue to advance our efforts towards strengthening students’ resilience and empowering students for a brighter future.

Upcoming Conferences

Whether the event is in-person or virtual, feel free to stop by our booth and say hello to some of our Aperture team members at the conferences below!

2022 SEL Exchange Virtual Summit

October 13, Virtual

The annual Social and Emotional Learning Exchange Virtual Summit brings education champions together to learn and share insights that advance evidence, practices, and policies in support of all young people. The relationships between families, communities, schools, and statehouses have been on full display these past few years – and the time is ripe for new types of coalitions that strengthen our social and emotional connections. This year’s virtual summit, Weaving a New Tapestry: Schools, Families and Communities Together, aims to build deeper, multi-directional partnerships that benefit all students and adults.

Upcoming Webinars

Looking to learn more about trending topics in SEL, hear from experts in the field, or get first-hand testimonials from Aperture partners? Browse our list of upcoming webinars and sign up for any (or all!) that interest you. Certifications for attendance are available.

Voices From the Field: Social Spy

Wednesday, September 14th at 4 p.m. (ET)

Learning to be an effective social observer is critical to navigating the tricky waters of making and keeping friends. In this presentation, Caroline Maguire, M. Ed., author of Why Will No One Play with Me?, shares an exercise that she uses with her clients called The Social Spy. The purpose of the exercise is to improve one’s ability to notice and observe the behavior of people in certain social situations. As a Social Spy, you observe (discreetly), hold back, and take an inventory of the group or situation’s mood, tone, members, energy, etc. She will share how to put social spying into actual practice. She’ll explain how to prepare, where to go, what to look for, how to share the data, and then how to put it to work daily. 

Social Spy helps children: 

·      Sharpen their understanding of how others interact

·      Observe the unspoken rules of different environments

·      Identify positive social behavior

·      Compare their behavior to others 

Voices From the Field: Strengths-Based Learning: Helping Youth Become Heroes

Thursday, September 22nd at 1 p.m. (ET)

Jordan Remple has spent 10 years running programs for those who were struggling with addictions and mental health issues. Now, as Program Director at Impact Society, he is putting his energy into helping prevent young people from going down that path. Jordan is passionate about the Heroes program and the value it has for students, schools, and communities. His desire is to get Heroes into as many schools as possible across our country and beyond. Join him for this session on how to equip students with the strength-based skills they need to be difference makers!

Ready to build a strength-based SEL program designed around research-based standards and reliable data?