Progress Monitoring

Monitor student progress and track growth. Complete DESSA-mini assessments in under one minute per student and track growth throughout the year to view progress. The DESSA-mini is sensitive to fluctuations in student social-emotional skills and provides a reliable tool for adapting your SEL program to your students’ needs.

Monitor & Track Growth in under one minute with the DESSA-mini

Identify trends in each student’s social and emotional growth using the four DESSA-mini forms. Create a benchmark with one DESSA-mini, and use the others to track progress throughout the year as you add focus to social-emotional development.

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Immediately Sense Change

Quickly track changes in the social-emotional behaviors of students with regular progress assessments that determine if your students’ competency scores have progressed or regressed during the rating period. Use the DESSA and DESSA-mini to determine how your social and emotional teaching strategies have impacted your students.

The DESSA identifies changes in specific social and emotional skills, and the sensitivity of the DESSA and DESSA-mini helps you evaluate the effectiveness of SEL programs and strategies. For more detail, the DESSA can be administered to see exactly how each skill is progressing. Even if you can’t observe changes in social and emotional skills, the DESSA can give you valuable insight to inform your intervention decisions.

Monitor with Comparison Reports

Compare individual students’ scores over time to create an overview of a student’s overall social and emotional status and their competence. Using tables and graphic representations, analyze a student’s past and current raw score, percentile score, T-score and descriptive category. Educators will find how significant the difference between the two assessments is.