Avé Marshall Bio:

My name is Avé Marshall. I am a senior at Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I am co-captain of the Stephenson Cheerleading Team, President of National Honors Society, and a member of Stephenson Dance Repertory Company. I will be attending Life University in Marietta, Georgia. I will major in Exercise Science and minor in Biology during my Pre-Med program. I will be pursuing my Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine.


By Ave Marshall

The thought of yourself never being anything in life is worse than being told that you would never be anything in life. Social learning can be described as imitating and observing one another. Emotional learning can be described as having empathy for one another and learning how to control attitudes and emotions. As a dancer, the use of emotional and social learning is necessary for success. To begin with, meeting my high school dance instructor, Patrick “PK” Smith, has been the best thing that has happened to me in high school. I started dancing at 17 months, but when my home in Louisiana was devastatingly hit by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, I stopped dancing. Mr. PK arrived my junior year in high school, and I decided to dance again. I wasn’t the best dancer, but wanting more, I decided to audition for his repertory company that consisted of the best dancers in the school. When some of the company members heard I wanted to audition, they said I couldn’t dance and that I would make the company look bad. They said the only dancing I could do was street dancing. I was emotionally torn, but Mr. PK didn’t let me give up! He told me I must learn to turn my torn emotions into motivation to prove them wrong. I had to use my social learning skills to observe the way he moved and danced in order to “hit the step” as he would say. My auditions didn’t go as well as I would’ve hoped, but he still put me on his company as an apprentice, meaning I had the potential to be as well as the other dancers, but not quite there yet. Mr. PK pushed me physically and emotionally. Even though I moved slower than the other dancers, he pushed me to learn faster to keep up in the real world. Even though I was an apprentice, Mr. PK cast me in every dance with the company, gave me the lead role of Sofia in his dance show Variations and Adaptations of The Color Purple, and he even took my “street dancing” and turned it into a solo for one of his shows. The company members were proud of my improvement and admitted I came a long way. In conclusion, Mr. PK taught me how to learn socially by observing his moves and to learn emotionally by turning my emotions into motivation when I feel like I\’m not good enough. Both learning styles will be useful when I attend Life University where I will major in exercise science, and minor in biology, to eventually become a chiropractor. I owe a huge thank you to Mr. PK for pushing me past my limits and for showing me that going above and beyond is always better.

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