As I proudly reflect on my time at Lindblom Math & Science Academy, the most prominent non-academic skill that encapsulates my high school journey is my resiliency. Unbeknownst to me, it would be one tragic life event that would set me on the course to acquire the ability to recover from setbacks quickly, adapt well to change, and to know my strength in the face of adversity. Resiliency is a skill that I did not know would be such a vital and integral part of helping me to maintain my school performance, graduate and get accepted into college.

Prior to my freshman year of high school, I experienced the sudden loss of my father to suicide. Needless to say, this tragedy was unexpected and one that threatened to remove my focus entirely as I was entering the most vital point of my school career. As I struggled to cope with this loss, my grades saw a significant drop freshman year through my sophomore year. So, I sought out my school counselor for assistance in dealing with these negative side-effects and she provided me with some information about a college tour with the hopes that it would divert my attention. Consequently, her plan worked because as a result I realized that I wanted to attend Howard University. Being my top school of choice, I began researching all of the acceptance criteria, got refocused, and I began working hard to increase my then 2.8 GPA. After all, I refused to let this tragedy hinder me from reaching my college goals. By the end of my senior year, I graduated with a 3.6 GPA. I even became a leader of our school’s Peer Counseling group where I acted as a lead facilitator in coping strategies to my peers who had suffered similar tragedies like mine and whose school experiences were suffering as a result.

This Fall, I will be attending Howard University where I will major in political science with a minor in criminal justice. I plan to continue on and become a lawyer which I know will require a lot of my resiliency. I plan to use my story as a continuous tool and reminder for myself and others we embark on the path of college & career success.


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