[Infographic] Meet the Needs of All Students with SEL and MTSS

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is all about giving students the supports they need to succeed in school. Many students don’t just need academic support — they also need help developing their social and emotional skills.

Learn how to strengthen your MTSS framework by 1) using social and emotional learning (SEL) data to identify students who need improvement and 2) teaching students the social and emotional skills critical to success in school and beyond.

Here are some tips for incorporating SEL into MTSS (download a printable graphic here).

In addition to academic support, students need help building social and emotional skills to thrive in school and beyond. SEL can strengthen your MTSS framework by helping you identify students in need and provide appropriate supports to encourage their social and emotional development.

The DESSA is a strength-based SEL assessment that provides data you can use to determine which students need additional help. The DESSA can guide your MTSS to ensure students receive the right supports and it can measure the effectiveness of your SEL interventions along the way.

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