Integrating and Measuring Social Emotional Learning Programs

Our friends at Kickboard recently posted, “How to Integrate & Measure Social Emotional Learning Programs.” Nova Biro, SEL Consultant at Kickboard, writes about the critical impact social emotional learning has for our youth and how these skills are increasingly being implemented in schools across the country. However, Nova poses the question, “How do schools know if their SEL efforts are producing positive results?” The problem many schools face is how to understand if their SEL efforts are making an impact. Nova digs in to practical ways schools, districts, and programs can understand if what they’re doing is work and where to start.

Head over to Kickboard’s blog to learn more about:

  • SEL Data Collection: why to collect data and recommended tools to do so
  • Reflecting and analyzing the data: what to look for and how to interpret
  • How to plan for SEL integration
  • What to do next

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