Drive Meaningful Change and Evaluate Outcomes in Your School, District, or Program Through Our Strength-Based SEL Assessment System

Increase instruction time, reduce behavior infractions, and improve academic outcomes for your students with social and emotional learning. Aperture Education’s strength-based SEL assessments for K-8 are nationally-normed and psychometrically sound to provide districts and programs with the most reliable, actionable data possible. Inform instruction and drive decisions with powerful data from our CASELTM-aligned DESSA assessments.

Aperture Education K-8 SEL Includes:


SEL Assessment

DESSA-mini 1-minute universal screener

DESSA assessment


Data & Insights

Student progress monitoring and outcomes measurement

Reporting at individual, class, grade, school, and district levels


SEL Strategies

Multi-tiered strategies for individuals,
small groups, and classrooms

All For One, and One For All

Aperture Education’s SEL assessment system is a practical approach to SEL for all involved in student success.



Quickly screen all students with the
DESSA-mini 1-minute universal screener

Dive deeper with the DESSA assessment for students in need of further instruction

Take action with strategies to bolster social and emotional growth and improve overall student achievement

Monitor progress and measure outcomes



Identify students in need of Tier 2 and Tier 3 supports

Recognize trends in specific competency gaps across an entire classroom, school, or district

Implement small-group research-informed intervention strategies for social and emotional growth



Align Aperture to your district’s existing initiatives like MTSS, RTI, and PBIS

Quickly understand your district’s overall strengths and areas of need

Make informed decisions for implementing social and emotional strategies and new initiatives district-wide

Easily create and customize real-time reports to track impact

Keep Growing

Aperture Education serves entire districts with practical and consistent SEL solutions for K-8, 9-12, educators and staff.
Drive transformation at every level of your district, school, or out-of-school-time program.

Our SEL Competencies

Aperture Education products are centered around 8 CASEL™- aligned social and emotional competencies to guide students and educators in their social and emotional skill development.

Interested in learning more? Download our guide to the Aperture 8 SEL competencies, which includes free SEL strategies to practice each competency.

Our Partners

Aperture Education partners with research-based SEL changemakers devoted to creating transformations.

Aperture Education Testimonials

We are honored to work with districts, schools, and out-of-school-time programs around the world who show a commitment to SEL by partnering with Aperture Education to create social and emotional transformations for the educators and youth they serve.

Being able to make decisions for students, classrooms, and the school predicated on data rather than feelings was something that appealed to my principals and administrators quite a bit. It’s valuable information not only as we chart a course for our students. It’s a really good tool to identify which teachers are being really successful with students.

Sandra Mossman Elementary
League City, Texas

We are so appreciative of the work you do at Aperture. We use the information to leverage our students' strengths so we can place them in opportunities that can help them thrive! The DESSA helps us to identify our students who require Tier I, II, and III support through advisory and SEL competency groups led by our Behavioral Health Team. This ensures students are getting intentional skill building so we can ensure they are prepared for high school and beyond!

Rowe Middle School
Chicago, Illinois

Teaching doesn’t happen until love and respect happen in the classroom. And I’m grateful for this program and all of these different strategies that help develop that and give us the data to back it up. Over the course of 2 years, our SEL pilot schools reported that referrals had been cut in half and out-of-school suspension assignments had been reduced by 76%.

Humble ISD
Humble, Texas

Ready to build a strength-based SEL program designed around research-based standards and reliable data?