The DESSA Comprehensive SEL System

Aperture Education’s online SEL software program used to screen, assess and strengthen social-emotional competence for youth grades K-12.

A Comprehensive Social and Emotional Learning System

The DESSA Comprehensive SEL System, an online software platform, allows educators to measure, strengthen, and support social-emotional competence in youth, grades K-12.

The CASEL-aligned DESSA System includes a suite of evidence-based social emotional learning (SEL) assessments, a universal screener that can be administered in less than a minute, and foundational practices and growth strategies to strengthen social and emotional competence.

Actionable data and reporting helps SEL program administrators measure the impact of their social emotional learning programs and social emotional learning curricula and helps educators understand students’ SEL strengths and needs.

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Explore Aperture Education’s suite of social emotional learning (SEL) assessments



The flagship assessment of Aperture Education. A valid and reliable 72-item assessment of social and emotional strengths and needs in students grades K-8.

DESSA Mini Social Emotional Learning Program

The DESSA-mini

A valid and reliable one-minute screener of students’ social and emotional strengths and needs. The DESSA-mini provides insight for students Grades K-8.

DESSA Second Step Social Emotional Learning Programs

The DESSA-Second Step Edition

A valid and reliable 36-item assessment of social and emotional strengths and needs directly aligned to the Second Step curriculum for students Grades K-5.

The DESSA-High School Edition mini

A valid and reliable one-minute screener of students’ social and emotional strengths and needs. The DESSA-HSE mini provides insight for students Grades 9-12.

DESSA High School Edition Social and Emotional Learning Program

The DESSA-High School Edition

A valid and reliable 43-item assessment of social and emotional strengths and needs in students Grades 9-12.

Kickboard social and emotional learning programs

The Kickboard DESSA SEL Inventory

A partnership between Kickboard and Aperture Education, this inventory helps schools collect, monitor, and analyze real-time data on 40 student behaviors tied to the DESSA core SEL competencies.

Statistically Valid and Reliable Assessments

With over twelve years of research behind it, the DESSA is one of the most reliable social emotional learning assessments on the market and is hosted within our social and emotional learning program, the DESSA Comprehensive SEL System. Paired with award-winning technology, you can count on reliable, actionable, and user-friendly SEL data.

For more in-depth information about any of our research studies, visit our Research and Publications page.

SEL program with social emotional learning activities

Social and emotional learning programs
Measuring SEL competencies

An SEL Program with Actionable, Accurate Data

Along with the powerful data from the suite of SEL assessments, the DESSA System software provides users with access to research-informed social emotional learning activities, including Growth Strategies and Foundational Practices, used to bolster social and emotional skills on eight SEL competencies.

These social and emotional learning activities can be used universally (large group settings, like a classroom), in small groups, individually, or as take-home assignments. In addition, each competency comes with a teacher reflection activity – allowing users to understand their own social and emotional strengths and areas of need.

Sample Strategy

Resources to Support Your SEL Program

You’ll find lots of guidance, information and inspiration in the  Aperture Education blog. Our on-demand webinars are also an excellent resource whether you’re in the early stages of implementing a social emotional learning program or have one already established.  Take a look at these featured articles.

12 Social and Emotional Learning Activities

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