DESSA SEL Inventory

A partnership with Kickboard

Helping schools collect, monitor, and analyze real-time data on 40 student behaviors tied to the DESSA core SEL competencies.

Improve student outcomes with a strength-based approach to monitoring behavior

Kickboard + the DESSA System provides a strength-based approach to school culture, behavior management and PBIS initiatives that help reduce office referrals, suspensions and chronic absenteeism. Schools can:

  • Get baseline data with the evidence-based DESSA measure of social emotional competencies
  • Collect real-time behavior data with the DESSA SEL Inventory in Kickboard
  • Develop and track data-informed intervention plans for Tier 2 and 3 students
  • Leverage DESSA Growth Strategies for teaching social emotional skills
  • Analyze, share and act on behavioral and social emotional data at the student, classroom, grade, school and district levels
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Integrate PBIS and SEL

 Schools implementing PBIS can integrate SEL by tracking behaviors the DESSA measures. This strength-based approach helps schools develop the social and emotional skills students need for positive behavior and academic success.

PBIS and SEL Webinar

Learn more about how PBIS and SEL work hand-in-hand. Catch this previously recorded webcast from Kickboard and Aperture Education.

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Research has shown that:

  • 93% of teachers have defined climate & culture initiative in the schools, only 21% say their school or district’s initiative is very or extremely effective.
  • 50% of employees find recent college graduates lacking key social emotional skills
  • 93% of teachers want a greater focus on SEL in schools

More about Kickboard

Kickboard partners with K-12 schools and districts to facilitate their climate and culture initiatives to positively impact:

  • Student achievement
  • Attendance
  • Discipline

A unique combination of technology and personalized leadership coaching, the Kickboard school culture system helps educators streamline and simplify behavior management and interventions, positive behavior reinforcement, classroom management, social and emotional learning, and district-wide school culture analysis.

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