SEL Across the Curriculum: Embed SEL into 4 Common Teaching Practices

How we feel can affect how we learn, and how we learn can affect how we feel.

SEL is a natural part of the learning process, and many research studies have shown that SEL can have a positive impact on grades, attendance, behavior and overall academic achievement. There are many easy ways to incorporate SEL into the school day. For example, many districts implement SEL instruction and curriculum.

SEL can also easily be incorporated into core instruction. That’s right — you can teach social and emotional skills right along your normal teaching practices. In the table below we’ve listed examples of ways to teach SEL within common teaching strategies. Have fun trying out these practices your students.

These are just a few ways to bring SEL into daily instruction. Check out our blog, Four Ideas to Integrate SEL into Your Core Curricula, for ideas on teaching SEL in core subjects like math and science.

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