Three Criteria to Look For When Selecting SEL Assessment Technology

There’s an influx of information out there on what social and emotional learning (SEL) tools to use and why. Make sure that you’re selecting SEL assessment technology that will support your staff and students now and for years to come.  

Here are three things to consider when selecting assessment technology: 

Data & Reporting Features 

Amplify the impact of your assessments by ensuring the tool you select has real-time interactive reporting. Your educators and counselors should be able to quickly apply filters to view the information that is relevant to them. When real-time reporting and filtering features are a part of your tool, you’re saving your staff time. It also encourages your staff to take immediate action when they have the reports as soon as they submit data rather than having to wait around for hours or weeks for feedback.  

Beyond the individual-student approach, your reports should include small group and large group overviews to see how a specific class or a grade level are doing. This gives classroom teachers clarity and promotes collaboration amongst teams.  

Realistic Integration into Existing Frameworks 

If you have an existing SEL curriculum, find an assessment that aligns with your program. You’ll be able to monitor your student’s growth and differentiate instruction when needed. Having programs that are in alignment also encourages buy-in among staff because the work integrates into what they’re already doing. 

Be on the lookout for additional resources your assessment tool may offer. Some programs include free strategies or instructional planning aids to supplement your SEL curriculum. 

Safety and Accessibility 

Data security and student privacy are some of the most important aspects of any type of educational-based software. This should be a clear priority for the assessment technology providers you’re talking with. Look for companies that are FERPA compliant, COPPA compliant (if the product is student-facing), and subjected to regular, third-party security penetration testing. Provider employees should also be completing annual data privacy and security training.  

Accessibility is another important criterion to look for. Assessment technologies should be accessible for everyone using the product and be compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2 (WCAG 2). This ensures all students and staff members have equal access and the opportunity to use the tools. 

Looking to learn even more about what characteristics to look for in SEL assessment technology? Our SEL Assessment Buyer’s Guide can assist you! It streamlines the top SEL criteria considerations in one place.  

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