The success of your next school year will depend on the social and emotional skills of students and staff.

What are you doing to support them?

Social emotional strengths in areas like self-management, decision-making, and relationship skills are vital for building a stable learning environment. Support your students and staff in managing the unexpected with evidence-based and research-informed SEL universal screeners, assessments, and resources created by expert educators who understand what it’s like on the front lines.

We Take SEL Measurement Seriously.

With powerful data, reliable enough to inform instruction and drive
decisions, the DESSA does what others can’t, in half the time.

Use the DESSA System to universally screen, assess, monitor progress, measure outcomes, and strengthen the social-emotional competence of all students, K-12 in a strengths-based format.

In under a minute, our universal screener (the DESSA-mini) provides a reliable and accurate snapshot of student’s social-emotional competence. This actionable data allows you to tailor instruction for individual students or groups of students.

Extensive research-based interventions, provided within the DESSA System,
support students’ social-emotional growth throughout the year. The DESSA
System can monitor students’ progress in acquiring social-emotional skills and
evaluate outcomes at the student, group, program, school, and district level.

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Your Educators Have Been
Through A Lot.

In addition to taking care of themselves they have been going above and
beyond taking care of the educational needs of their students.

How are you taking care of them?

The Educator Social-Emotional Reflection and Training (EdSERT) program provides a comprehensive set of resources developed for K-12 teachers and out-of-school time program staff.

EdSERT was designed to increase SEL knowledge and practices to prepare educators to effectively teach social-emotional skills with insightful, hands-on exercises.

  • Enhance ability to model social-emotional skills for students by
    identifying key competencies, both internally and externally.
  • Develop practices to manage stress, the demands of teaching, and
    the needs of students by being mindful of triggers and ways to work
    through them.
  • Align educator social-emotional skills with the same CASEL and
    DESSA competencies already focused on in the classroom.

The Science Sets Us Apart.

We know educators need quick and effective resources. The DESSA measures are one of the few supported by rigorous research that meets or exceeds strict industry standards. This data indicates that the DESSA is a reliable and valid tool for measuring social and emotional skills.

75 years combined SEL experience

Helping nearly 42,000 educators strengthen social and
emotional learning to improve student success.

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