How often does …

Claire try her best?
Malik show good judgement?

Strong social-emotional skills are essential for student success. Pinpoint the specific social-emotional skills of students in grades K-12 that are impacting student behavior, academic achievement and school climate with the DESSA Comprehensive SEL System.

Prepare Students for Life-Long
Success with the DESSA System

Claire is able to set clear goals for herself and always tries her best, but could use additional support maintaining relationships. Malik has a strength in decision-making but he’s not always confident.

Social-emotional competence impacts students’ ability to do well in and outside of school. These skills continue to be important as students prepare for college and the workforce.

Research shows that SEL skills can be measured AND taught.

Use the DESSA System to screen, assess, monitor progress, measure outcomes, and strengthen the social-emotional competence of all students, K-12.

In under a minute, our universal screener (the DESSA-mini) provides a reliable and accurate snapshot of student’s social-emotional competence. This actionable data allows you to tailor instruction for individual students or groups of students.

Extensive research-based interventions, provided within the DESSA System, support students’ social-emotional growth throughout the year. The DESSA System can monitor students’ progress in acquiring social-emotional skills and evaluate outcomes at the student, group, program,  school, and whole district level.

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Help Each Student Build the Social-Emotional
Skills They Need to be Successful

Pinpoint each student’s exact social-emotional strengths.

In minutes, identify a student’s specific social-emotional strengths and needs across eight CASEL-aligned competencies with reliable data from the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA).

Develop students’
social-emotional skills.

Intentionally act on DESSA data with hundreds of lessons for building social-emotional skills. Use these for individual student or group interventions or as supplements to universal curricula.

Ensure that interventions are working.

Monitor student progress toward social-emotional goals in one minute per student with the DESSA-mini. That’s right, in just 60 seconds know whether the supports you’ve implemented are working and make timely adjustments as needed.

Build your staff’s capacity for delivering social-emotional instruction.

Customize professional development to support your school or program staff and bolster their personal social-emotional skills so they are better able to support students’ social-emotional needs.

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The Science Sets Us Apart

We know educators need quick and effective resources. The DESSA measures are one of the few supported by rigorous research that meets or exceeds strict industry standards. This data indicates that the DESSA is a reliable and valid tool for measuring social and emotional skills.

75 years combined SEL experience

Helping nearly 27,000 educators strengthen social and
emotional learning to improve student success

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