25 06, 2020

7 Ways to Provide SEL Support to Students and Families Learning Remotely

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Remote learning has shifted the responsibility of teaching to parents and caregivers. These adults are helping children learn core skills like reading, writing, science, and math. But they need to be teaching social and emotional learning (SEL), too.SEL is more important than ever. Especially during remote learning, SEL will help students:stay focused and engaged in [...]

18 06, 2020

3 Ways SEL Can Support Trauma-Informed Practices

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Traumatic events — the COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustice, mass shootings, migrant transition shock, natural disasters, reports of neglect and abuse — seem to constantly make top news headlines these days. Students across our nation are affected by trauma every day. This trauma can have deep and lasting impacts on students’ core beliefs about others, their [...]

11 06, 2020

The Importance of Tier I SEL Screening and Supports

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The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on why social and emotional learning (SEL) is so important. It provides students with safety and security. It helps students work through stress, uncertainty, trauma, and fear. It gives students an outlet to talk through problems and issues going on in their lives. And it fosters strong teacher-student [...]

5 06, 2020

“Evidence-Based” vs. “Research-Based”: Understanding the Differences

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Often, when reviewing resources, programs, or assessments, we might come across terms like “evidence-based” or “research-based.” These terms each tell us something about the resources that they describe and the evidence supporting them. Understanding each term’s meaning can help us make informed decisions when selecting and implementing resources.So what do these terms mean, exactly? Typically, [...]

28 05, 2020

6 SEL Webinars for Summer Professional Learning

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With the official school year winding down, now is a great time to start planning your summer professional learning. Webinars can be an invaluable way to enhance your professional practices — and you can watch them anytime, anywhere it’s convenient for you!Check out these six engaging webinars to hear from social and emotional learning (SEL) [...]

20 05, 2020

5 Ways to Build Social and Emotional Skills Through Music

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Ahh … the power of music. It has so many benefits for our minds and bodies. It enhances cognition, provides comfort, and improves memory. Music also helps with mood regulation and can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Music and social and emotional learning (SEL) go hand-in-hand. Teaching students about music and performance promotes important [...]

23 04, 2020

SEL for Educators: 10 Activities to De-Stress

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Educators, we know you have a lot on your plates right now. Online and distance learning, canceled school events, and disruptions to your personal lives are just a few of the big challenges you are facing. Now, more than ever, we need to find ways to effectively manage our stress. If it gets out [...]